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Meal is not only at home - Fire Maple Feast Sheng Hotpot and Multi Taste Bao Seasoning Kit Test Report



There is an old saying in China that we remember: The people use food as their god. The simple five-character words indicate the importance of “food” to people and a pot of stew that comes out on the outside. This kind of feeling is definitely at home and not found in restaurants. Let's take a look at the Fire-Maple Feast Sheng Hotpot and Multi-Taste Seasoning Pack provided by “Equipment Cool” today.

【brand introduction】

“Fire-Maple” is a leader in domestic outdoor cookers and stoves, outdoor enthusiasts’ outdoor mobile kitchens, and home-made fire-Maple cookers and stoves are also in the minority. For example, the fire-Maple 105 integrated burners and Fire-Maple Light 121 The stove, the Fire Maple star X2 all-in-one stove, and the Fire Maple feast 3 sets of pans, this time added a new member of the Fire-Maple Feast Sheng Hot Pot and the Multi-Taste Seasoning Kit, making my outdoor mobile kitchen bigger and bigger.

【product description】

The experience of the fire-Maple Fire-Maple Feast Sheng hot pot and multi-taste seasoning kit package, which are all inside you look directly inside the certificate tag bar, including the experience of all the equipment and equipment specifications, at a glance, I will not be here for a large amount of nonsense.

Because this time the experience of the product is two, so we come one by one, we first look at the fire maple hot pot, fire maple classic black orange match, the box is large enough, the box on the fire maple LOGO, two-dimensional code, product Specifications information, product picture posters, and company addresses are all available. To be honest, looking at the picture on the box will have a feeling of hunger.

Open the box, feasting pots will appear in front of the eyes, black mesh bag, can better ensure the storage of pots, easy to carry.

Orange pull rope, black buckle, which is my favorite feast.

The pot body is made of hard aluminum oxide, strong, environmentally friendly, hygienic and durable, and easy to clean.

The pan body is large enough (see the tag for the specific size). A pot can occupy nearly half of the space of my D28L backpack, but this space is not wasted, because the pot can hold other items, at the very least A light 121 stove, put on a G2 gas can not help (of course, you can put some food such as rice noodles can make better use of the space).

The capacity of the feast is 4.4L. Scales are marked on the inside and outside of the pot (the scale is marked only to 3.0L) so that the amount of water can be better controlled when cooking food.

There are stainless steel folding pull rings on both sides of the pot body. When using, the pull ring will be opened and closed when not in use (it can save the carrying space). The pull ring is fixed by stainless steel rivets, which is strong and durable to prevent the occurrence of hot handing during use. .

The material of the lid is the same as that of the pan, and the upper side of the lid is also provided with a stainless steel folding pull ring, which can ensure that the lid is conveniently and quickly opened when cooking food to prevent the occurrence of hot handing.

There are five vent holes near the edge of the lid to ensure the effective discharge of water vapor during cooking and prevent the overflow of the pot. The punched holes are uniform, smooth and free from burrs, showing the exquisite workmanship of Fire Maple.

Here, I have to mention here is the lid of the feast. Unlike the conventional lids, most of the lids used in the past have been curled. There is a deep groove on the inner edge of the lid. After that, the residue inside is difficult to clean, and the edge of the feast pot is a straight edge, so that it can be more convenient for later cleaning while ensuring the sealing performance. We look at the feast 3 and the feast of the feast contrast, the picture shows the feast 3, the following picture of this section of the feast pot lid:

Next, let's take a look at the new multi-taste treasure seasoning bag from Firewood. The packaging of the seasoning package is basically the same as that of the pot body, so we will not go into details one by one.

Open the package inside is a beautiful black hard box, black box, orange zipper, accompanied by a white landscape of rural landscape, it is particularly clear and dazzling.

Two-way metal zipper, strong, smooth, can guarantee the quickness of pull.

Orange knit handles, to ensure the convenience of carrying out.

Just look at this exquisite packaging. In fact, we can imagine the delicateness of the contents inside, open the portable box, and the family members of Duoweibao will be displayed in front of everyone's eyes. The box is divided into five positions, and the inside is equipped with Four circular dressing boxes, with three outer side-by-side bottle containing liquid seasonings, and a small net pocket above the lid, containing several small spoons, can be used to conveniently grasp the amount of seasonings during cooking. .

Seasoning boxes and seasoning bottles are made from healthy non-toxic high-temperature PP material, which can better guarantee the safety of your outdoor food.

The special package has a strong cushioning and shock absorption performance, and each bottle is sealed and tested to better ensure the safety of the seasoning box and dressing bottle on the go, preventing the spillage of oil and vinegar. And its inner compartment liner separates each flavor in place, allowing you to use every ingredient in the cooking process.

Well, the basic details of the complete introduction, then we invited us to enjoy an outdoor feast.

Actual experience

In the first week of receiving the product, it was just a friend who led the team to Haishu for a one-day itinerary. However, as a new team leader, he didn’t say anything. Well, help me out and experience the new members of FireMaple. After reaching the top of the hill, take out the condiment box and look at it. The contents of linseed oil, fennel, soy sauce, salt and other things are safe and there are no squeeze spills.

There is one more problem that I must mention here is that the bottle cap of the condiment bottle is designed very well. In addition to this set of condiment bottle, there are two sets at home. In order to ensure the tightness of the bottle cap, the other bottles are added in the cap. The gasket (especially troublesome during cleaning), but this bottle does not, but still ensure its good sealing (put some cleansing spirit, put a little flash of water, it is clean as ever), must greatly praise one. In fact, my favorite thing is that he is big and can hold. If he is camping for many days, he can do the job. The previous small suit almost meant. With Fire Maple other photos we compare, of course, which sets to buy mainly depends on demand.

Due to the late traffic jam on the hill, everyone was hungry and stuck their backs after reaching the top of the mountain. When I took pictures of Duoweibao, the gangs started cooking a big pot of noodles, but I would like to say that To cook this way, they also eat, it is worthy of admiration, look at the surface I used to cook (in this case, by the way, there is a feast of the hot pot I will not have to carry this large wok after traveling, and the area does not say Still sinking.)

Well, take out the hot pot and cook a pot of chicken stew potatoes for everyone today. The ingredients are a whole chicken, two extra large potatoes, well, open, chicken is chopped chicken, over water, put oil , stir fry. Put color on the sauce, we first look at whether there is no appetite?

Almost the same time, add water, cover the pot, open and stew, during which we can eat watermelon, a big mountain.

The pot slowly exudes a stimulating scent, to see the eyes of the kids who have never eaten such a meal and holding a bowl in the waiting, I do not have the heart to let them look so.

So early to join the potatoes, a full pot.

It took nearly one and a half hours, the chicken stewed potatoes finally got out of the pan, and the young boys and girls rushed for a snap. I would like to say that I did more than an hour and only ate a piece of chicken. I also forgot which kindhearted team member had fed me, and I had not eaten anything else. This pot, even the soup, had been given a clean drink.

In the process of everyone's rapid food catching, I didn't know who was making such a beautiful photo, even though my feast was only a visible background (I don't know who took and only looked at the group. At the time of this photo, there is no original film, sad.)

The second week led the team to Baihua Mountain because it was the company's activities, small team, plus my adult 14 people, 3 children, since the feast was born for the hot pot, then we must take advantage of the previous one. Do you know why this little fat shot appeared in the first photo? Because he is the top two I can eat, but the strength of Baihuashan can climb up for him, I think he is already great!

Small fat sheep soup pot, these people eight pounds of beef and mutton, with a large package of vegetables, two noodles.

For the first time, they were savory and fresh. When the meat was cooked, they robbed it. It was really about how much to eat.

Because of the large number of people, because this time the organizer of the company’s activities was also a player I had taken twice. In order to be afraid that these people could not afford to come, I also bought a hot pot for a feast, which was quite awesome.

In addition to noodles, all the others were killed. To tell the truth, I truly admire the fighting power of this group of people. I have eaten more than two points before, but I still have to go to the FB, and do I still have to eat? However, it turns out that they are really strong, because after a few hours, the seven people at the table of a hundred flowers family, ten dishes, plus a basic string of winding dishes.

Eat and drink to pick up the guy, here by the way the easy cleanability of alumina material pot, but also a lot of outdoor new people do not understand the trick, due to the scarcity of outdoor water resources, for the cleaning of this pot, basically Wet wipes dry on paper towels all over again and again (but pay attention to the timeliness of scrubbing). Afterwards, your favorite friends can try it, which is absolutely better than what you washed with water. Well, due to the reasons of time, we made two experiences. Here is a summary of the experiences of the two products.

【Summary of experience】

Ban Sheng Hot Pot:

1, exquisite workmanship, pot body large enough to meet the daily use of six or seven individuals.

2, alumina material, environmental protection, durable, easy to clean.

3, absolute outdoor stew, smashing weapon (of course, must be equipped with a strong awesome burner, recommended fire-Maple Titan).

Multi-taste sauce box:

1, excellent material, health, environmental protection, non-toxic, high temperature.

2, layout design is reasonable, easy to use.

3, special packaging design, impact resistance, resistance to extrusion.

4. The sealability of the box and bottle is good, and no overflow occurs during the actual use.

Assessor: A roast duck, this test is rated as a true and reliable experience of personal experience, does not explain the existence of intuitive sense, in addition to the above assessment of the picture due to the time of shooting, equipment, location, environment, light, etc., the effect is different, but are I personally photographed the product.

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